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 General conditions for patients about to undergo surgery

  • The patient must have attended a pre-anesthetic evaluation to which he or she must have taken the exams required by the surgeon. These exams vary depending on the patient’s physical condition and on the type of surgery.
  • The patient must not have consumed any type of food or beverage during at least eight (8) hours prior to the surgery.

Patients that are being treated for hypertension or hyperthyroidism must take their medications at the usual time, with enough water to swallow them but not more. These illnesses must have been under perfect control for the preceding month at least.

  • The patient must wear no makeup on his or her face or hands and must not wear any metal accessories such as piercings (on any part of the body), earrings, rings, or other objects that may cause burns when combined with the coagulation apparatus.
  • To the extent possible, hair must not be dyed at least one (1) week before and three (3) weeks after the procedure, if the procedure is a facelift or an eyebrow lift.
  • The patient must not carry valuable objects on the day of the surgery.
  • The patient must wear comfortable, roomy, and simple clothing that will not be a significant loss if stained.
  • Patients with flu or cold symptoms cannot undergo surgery.
  • Patients must not consume alcohol, tobacco, or stimulants during the two (2) weeks prior to the procedure, since this may interfere with the normal scarring process.
  • Aspirin (or medicines containing it), anticoagulants, and some kinds of hormones are contraindications to surgery. Patients that are consuming any of these medicines must inform and consult with the surgeon.
  • Ideally, on the day of the surgery the patient should take a careful bath with soap and dry him or herself with clean towels.
  • Patients must refrain from surgery if they are suffering from any of the following conditions that may affect the normal closing of surgical incisions: diabetes, lupus, coronary or neurovascular illnesses.


 For patients after undergoing surgery

  • The patient must NEVER mess with or remove his or her bandages and must NEVER be subjected to healing procedures recommended by anybody that is not the surgeon. In case of doubt, the patient must contact his or her physician immediately.
  • The patient must not drink milk or carbonated beverages during the one (1) to three (3) days following the surgery, depending on the surgeon’s recommendations.
  • The initial dose of prescribed medication must be taken on the day of the surgery.
  • During the three (3) weeks following the surgery, the patient must refrain from sunbathing, swimming, spending time in a sauna or steam bath, bathing in a bathtub, riding on horseback or on a motorcycle, attending a gym, and engaging in sexual relations.
  • During the two (2) days after the surgery, the patient must not entertain visitors, make exaggerated facial gestures such as laughing or chewing hard foods, or undergo physically strenuous activities. He or she must rest at home (though not necessarily in bed) and should make an effort to walk very slowly for ten (10) minutes every two (2) to three (3) hours.
  • If the surgery requires the patient to be bandaged for a few days, the patient should bathe him or herself with water- or alcohol-moistened towels, avoiding the bandages, until the first control session or until the surgeon authorizes any changes.
  • In cases of facial or eyelid surgery, the patient must avoid using makeup during the first fifteen (15) days after the surgery.
  • In general, cover any bruises with sunblock for at least one (1) month.
  • If you have pets and share your bed with them for any length of time, it is absolutely imperative that you wash all bedding and blankets; refrain from sharing your bed with your pets during the twenty (20) days following the surgery; wash your hands immediately after petting them. There have been cases of animal-borne bacteria that have mortally infected human beings that had no natural defenses against them.


  Surgeries in Plastic Surgery Jaime Lozada Ruiz 

PLASTIC SURGERY JAIME LOZADA RUIZ, with a history of 20 years in the national and international market, we offer services to the community in a comprehensive, effective and humane way.

We comply with all standards and security protocols for our patients, ensuring they feel supported when necessary trust their health in our hands. 

Our clinic with advanced technology in Plastic Surgery offers excellent additional services that complement the creation of a better image of our patients as:

* Nutrition and Weight Control.

* General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

* Zone postoperative and aesthetics.



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Before surgery performed body or face all patients are recommended to be in an optimum state of nutrition. Good healing and decreased infection rates depend largely on a balance in your diet before surgery. 



Good exercise habits will always be rewarded by better results and durability of the body and face surgeries


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