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Bald areas can be restocked using hair follicles taken, generally, from the back of the same person’s head.


Microsurgery techniques perform hair-by-hair implants, resulting in a very natural appearance and avoiding so-called doll’s hair.


4-6 hours per session, 3 hours if automated.




Not required




Permanent. Depending on the number of implants. Several sessions may be required. Some follicles can take up to four months to appear.


    - After careful planning of a surgical plan possibilities in the area of baldness transplanted detailing the number of follicular units and micro grafts needed to cover it, and the number of sessions that will be done will be done. From one session to the next it is prudent to wait at least three months.

    -The pre basic and necessary before any operative study session consists of a blood with clotting times and an electrocardiogram. Any medication not required and one month's treatment with Minoxidil should be stopped before surgery.

    - Once in the operating room, the patient sedation is optional, decreasing anxiety, local anesthesia is applied by punctures that can provide over 4 hours of anesthesia for patient comfort.

    - The first part of the procedure involves the removal of the donor area and the scar will be hidden within your own hair, usually on the back of the head.

    - The second part of the operation involves removing hair by hair go, to be implemented in the chosen areas. Any type of graft requires support. The blood itself makes adhesive and fixes. A session lasts about 2000 hairs around 4 hours. After the meeting, a soft bandage that prevents staining of the patient and protects micro grafts from trauma in the first 12 hours, at which time fixing is placed.


    - After 12 to 24 hours after the operation the bandage is removed and the patient can start the washing head according to special instructions. In each graft a small crust will take to fall about 10 to 14 days, leaving no scar or signal type is formed. After 5 or 6 days the patient can wash your hair as normal without any added precaution. It is advisable to use hats to hide the scabs long as macerated and delay healing. Usually there is no pain or mild.

    - The donor site is usually "throw" a little and is easily controlled by painkillers. There may be swelling in the front for one or two days and do not need treatment. The presence of scarring, infection or bleeding is possible but extremely rare.

    Typically, after three months the transplanted hair begins to appear, the hair will grow at normal speed and may be cut or dyed without problems. Baldness is an evolutionary process, but for now only need one session to meet expectations, you may later need more sessions to maintain results.

    - During the first month you should avoid swimming pools, saunas, steam, riding, driving motorcycle, sun exposure, gym. During the first 15 days must apply moisturizing eye drops and ointment at night. You can use makeup from day 16.

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