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Chin surgery consists of either enlargement (prostheses are implanted) or reduction (chin is cut back).


Surgery is performed inside the mouth to prevent visible scars.


Forty minutes


Local, for prosthesis, general for resectionning.


Not required


2-10 days




    Plastic Chin Chin or divide them into two great camps, according to the end of it, either to increase the projection and / or size of the chin or otherwise of the proposal is the decrease.

    Chin to forehead and nose play an important role in facial harmony. He is credited as the characteristic features of personality and character. Deficiency in development is clearly evident. It is most often associate with the nose operation.

    When the lack of development is moderate it can be corrected by placing an implant either silicone or Porex. When done with a nose, improves the overall result of the operation. The very protruding chin is another condition that can be corrected.

    Both defects, lack or excess development on the chin, may be associated with dental malocclusion. Ie to a bad relationship between the upper dental arch with the lower dental arch.


    When a single procedure is not necessary rest, but can be annoying experiencing pain and increase in volume in the area being treated with medication.

    The consisting of liquids and soft foods for a few days and be toilet with oral antiseptics diet every 2 hours.

    There may be a degree of numbness in the skin of the lower lip and chin. This anesthesia usually disappears within a few days or weeks. Avoid gym for at least two weeks, swimming pools, saunas, steam, riding, driving motorcycle, sun exposure.

    Most people who undergo this surgery are satisfied. There is a significant aesthetic change, both local modification as the best balance achieved in the rest of the face, particularly the nose lip relationship.

    On the other hand, they produce a great visual impact on those close to the person operated, since the results are very natural

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